Department of Education (DPU), Aarhus University, Copenhagen, Denmark, March 8-10 2012

NFPF/NERA's 40th Congress: Everyday life, education and their transformations in a Nordic and globalized context

Not only formal education, but everyday life inside as well as outside institutions have always been central sites for learning for children and adults. However, as social relations in everyday life are staged ever more as pedagogical and educational relations, practices of learning undergo transformations. Research on education as everyday life and everyday life as education therefore becomes increasingly relevant.

Currently education and everyday life seem to be changing ever faster and on a more globalized scale. The same concepts emerge in multiple settings that defy national borders. Phenomena appear the same regardless of place. At a closer scrutiny, however, huge cultural and social diversities translate such apparent commonalities into profound differences as lived lives in particular educational and everyday localities.

The concept of everyday life, however, is also changing as daily routines and associated practices of learning transform through processes caused by virtualization (social media, cell phones, computers) and rapid global flows of information, things and people. From an epistemological perspective these issues call for reflections on how everyday life, education and their relations can be conceptualized and reflected. Research of the transformations of formalized education as well as the relations between everyday life, education and learning thus become increasingly pertinent.

Session programme now available

NERA2012 final programme now available (pdf) - Will also be handed out as a book at the congress.

Final Programme with latest corrections 08.03.2012 (pdf)
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Programme for pre-conferences now available (pdf)

Keynote speakers

Meenakshi Thapan
Professor in Sociology
Delhi School of Economics
University of Delhi


Thomas S. Popkewitz
Professor in the School of Education,
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Hartmut Rosa
Professor Institute of Sociology
Jena University


Ida Wentzel Winther
Associate Professor, Department of Education
The Danish School of Education, Aarhus University
Copenhagen, Denmark

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